Warranty Packages for ICU Pest Control Services

Residential Rodent Warranty Packages

6 month and 1-year residential WARRANTIES pertaining to Rat and Mice Extermination services begin 4 weeks after ICU Pest Control local rodent exterminator specialists have serviced your location. Clients are given 4 weeks from service start date as a grace period to allow service to work, giving mice and/or Rats time to find our bait then feed. No warranty work will occur during this 4-week grace period.

100% Lifetime Warranty

Residential Lifetime Rodent Warranty Package

ICU Pest Controls residential LIFETIME WARRANTY package involves thoroughly inspecting your home allowing ICU to determine how much of your home needs to be sealed and the number of one-way doors that need be installed. Clients must Have complete exclusion work performed, all areas recommended by ICU Pest Control local Mice and Rat exterminator specialists must be sealed by ICU, all sanitation recommendations interior/exterior must be completed for this lifetime warranty to be valid.

90 Day Warranty Package from ICU Pest Control

Residential Insect Extermination 90 – Day Warranty Package

All residential insect extermination services include our 90-DAY WARRANTY package, starting the day ICU Pest Control local residential insect exterminators have serviced your location, 100% GUARANTEED.

ICU Pest Control Warranty Packages

Residential Wasp & Bee Extermination Warranty Package

All residential Wasp and Bee extermination services will be under WARRANTY for the rest of the calendar year, valid to Dec 31 starting the day ICU Pest Control local Wasp extermination specialists have serviced your location. This warranty is only valid in areas ICU Pest Control has serviced, all nests, hives, holes established in areas not treated by ICU Pest Control are not covered under this warranty.

100% Lifetime Warranty - Pest Control Services

Residential Lifetime Wildlife Warranty Package

Residential wildlife exclusion LIFETIME WRRANTY on workmanship and materials is only valid in areas ICU Pest Control Wildlife exclusion experts have performed exclusion work. All damage caused by acts of nature, vandalism, negligence or renovations are not covered under this warranty. All wildlife gaining entry threw areas excluded by ICU Pest Control will be fully covered under this warranty.

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