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Skunks are omnivorous pest that belongs to the weasel family and are known for their potent, musty smelling odour. This odor is produced within their scent glands and can be sprayed up to 10 feet. Skunks enjoy eating a wide variety of plants, birds, eggs, mice, garbage, and more. Skunks have also been known to dig holes and damage landscaping. Getting rid of skunks is not easy and more often than not, requires professional skunk removal services.

Skunks have short bodies, muscular legs, and strong claws. This combination means that skunks are more than adept at digging. Skunks may dig for food, or a nesting location. Often times skunks dig under homes, decks, sheds, garages, and more. These animals do not hibernate and can be a pest year-around. When you wonder how to get rid of skunks that have set up residence on your property, contact the professionals at ICU Pest Control!


Skunk tracksSkunk Tracks


  • Enclosed traps for skunk relocation
  • Skunk exclusion techniques
  • Repair structural and/ or landscape damage to eliminate entry points for skunks
  • Secure garden to eliminate food sources for skunks


  • Outdoors eating areas cleaned and free of food particles to reduce food sources for skunks
  • Pet food properly stored eliminating another food source for skunks and other wildlife
  • Eliminate brush and woodpiles reducing areas that provide cover for skunks
  • BBQ drip cans should be installed and removed at night if necessary as it is an aromatic scent lure for wildlife like skunks
  • Exclusion techniques under and around structures on your property like deck, sheds etc. to prevent skunks from entering

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