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The Canadian goose has really become a pest over the past decade. The Canada goose has taken to invading our parks, golf courses, waterways, businesses and anywhere else Canadian geese can land, forage for food and water and find good nesting areas.

Most of these Canadian goose pests have become a resident goose problem as some geese no longer migrate south for the winter months, in part due to climate changes and some human help that has allowed geese to still forage for food over the winter months. Canadian geese have few to no natural predators, allowing goose numbers to more than double over the past decade with some cities declaring the Canadian goose public enemy #1.

There are many goose control tactics available to help scare and intimidate these pests from taking up residence on your property. ICU Pest Control recommends implementing a customized goose control, goose management program for the area, you can achieve results that will reduce Canada goose damage and in some cases convince Canadian geese to move on all together. ICU Pest Control recommends using goose control dogs in conjunction with some humane goose population, goose management and goose control techniques combined with some landscape changes can be made to make the area uncomfortable for these pest Canadian geese and prevent geese from feeling safe in the area. YOU NEED TO TAKE AWAY THEIR SENSE OF SECURITY.

Rates for goose control services may vary due to size of area and which methods of our goose control program you would like to implement. ICU Pest Control specializes in golf course goose management programs. One of the most important elements of a successful goose control programs is to have your goose control program in place and ready for spring before geese start to nest and have their young. Prevention is better then a cure.


Canadian geese pose a number of problems:

  1. Canadian geese are very aggressive during spring to mid summer, this is when the Canadian goose is nesting and protecting their nesting area and young from predators.
  2. Canadian geese can take up residence right on your front lawn bringing human contact with geese to a regular basis.
  3. Canadian geese can also cause property damage very quickly
  4. Canadian geese provide some stepping-stones for e-coli breakouts in some contained bodies of water from goose droppings. There has been beach closers right here in southern Ontario as a result of goose droppings contaminating the water.
  5. Property's, which have contained bodies of water with no real steady source of fresh water entering the body of water, are at high risk of a possible contaminant from goose droppings.


  • Pest goose control pyrotechnic scare tactics
  • Landscape changes to reduce Canada goose visibility, to the approach of predators as another piece of the goose control puzzle.
  • Goose population, goose management programs are very effective goose control methods in conjunction with specially trained goose control dogs
  • Goose egg collection and goose nest removal to help with goose control
  • Goose relocation during their molt (short term loss of flight feathers) for temporary goose control
  • As with all our countermeasures, the first goal of ICU Pest Control is to provide our customers with a list of pest control options that will be humane and take into consideration the well being of the animal, bird, wildlife or creature in question.


  • Goose control scare tactics and population goose management programs require permits from Canadian Wildlife Centre, as well as licensed pest goose control specialist, so be sure all permits are in place before you start any population goose management, goose control, goose relocation or goose pyrotechnic scare tactics for the area in question. ICU Pest Control specializes in goose control.

Frequently asked pest Canada goose control questions.

Q. Can Canadian geese cause damage to my property?
A. Yes the Canada goose can cause severe damage to your property but if you implement a good pest Canada goose control management program you can achieve proper Canada goose control and Canadian goose removal from your property.
Q. Is the Canada goose protected?
A. No the Canada goose is not protected, allowing Canada goose control specialists, to scare them away with proper pest Canada goose control scare permits. The Canada goose has not been protected since 1961.
Q. Can the Canada goose transmit disease to humans?
A. Yes the Canada goose can transmit disease to humans, in some bodies of water Canada goose droppings have caused e-coli breakouts and beach closers. Canada goose control is important in some areas to keep Canada geese out if sensitive areas.


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