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In recent years cormorants have become a pest in local bays and inland waterways where cormorants take advantage of trees, cliffs or rocky inlets. Cormorants are colonial nesters and nest in large numbers with cormorant numbers reaching into the thousands in one nesting location. Cormorants can have a devastating affect to the local vegetation and trees inside their nesting area, also causing population declines in local baitfish and aquatic life in the area, in some cases populations of bait fish can't restore numbers to a healthy population causing food source declines for other aquatic life and birds in the area. The Great Lakes have suffered this fate before, back in the early 60's when cormorants devastated smelt and cisco populations to such an extent cormorants almost wiped themselves out by almost completely wiping out there food source, which led to a serious decline in cormorant numbers leaving only but a few breeding pairs along the shorelines of the Great Lakes. Presently the cormorant populations are back on the rise and the residual effect they have on local ecosystems, food sources, vegetation and property is staggering if not devastating.


  • Pest cormorant control pyrotechnic scare tactics
  • Cormorant empty nest removal
  • Pest cormorant control areas
  • Pest cormorant visual control deterrents


  • All Cormorant control pyrotechnic scare techniques require permit from Canadian Wildlife Centre so be sure all permit are in place before cormorant control starts.
  • Cormorant nest removal can only take place if cormorant young or cormorant eggs are not present, once a cormorant has laid her eggs removing the nest is prohibited.

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