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Birds and bird nests can cause all kinds of problems from blocking vents to causing crop damage. Depending what species of bird is building the bird nest will determine where the bird nest is constructed whether it's built on the ground or in a tree. Unfortunately when our homes and/or businesses provide excellent bird nesting areas with good protection from predators and weather elements, birds will take advantage of these areas. If proper pest bird control exclusion techniques are implemented bird control and bird nest prevention can be achieved. ICU Pest Control offers a wide range of pest bird control, pest bird removal, pest bird exclusion and pest bird nest removal. There are some species of birds that attack in large numbers and can decimate a crop in no time at all, being prepared is key. Some other species of pest birds include Robins, Blue jays, Crows, Ravens, Blackbirds and Starlings etc.


  • Installing pest bird control products
  • Implementing yearly pest bird control program
  • Pest bird control visual deterrents and pest bird control pyrotechnic scare tactics
  • Install pest bird control netting and exclusion tactics
  • Pest bird control trapping and pest bird relocation
  • Pest bird control physical deterrents and bird barriers
  • Pest bird nest removal and elimination of good pest bird nesting areas


  • All pest bird control products should be installed by a pest bird control specialist
  • All pest bird control pyrotechnics tactics require permits and should be carried out by pest bird control specialists, once all permits are in place.
  • These pest bird control, pest bird removal, pest bird exclusion and pest bird deterrents are all pieces of the pest bird control puzzle.

Other pest birds include...


pest birds barn swallow Swallow Swallows are placed in the passerine group of small birds, with their ability for aerial feeding puts swallows in the Hirundinidae family. Swallows are primarily insectivorous taking flying insects on the wing, swallows usually forage at speeds of 30km/h and swallows can reach speeds of 60km/h. Swallows can have a healthy relationship with humans as the are a beneficial species, consuming insects and other bugs, the problem with swallows lies in their ability to build nests on sharp overhangs and ledges where most other birds can't, causing damage to both structure, product or just general defacing of property.


pest birds sparrow Sparrow Sparrows are a family of small passerine birds; the most common sparrow would be the house sparrow, invading our cities in large numbers. Sparrows are primarily seed and grain eaters, but they have been known to eat insects or scavenge and eat whatever they can find in small quantities, these pest sparrows are very smart and quick learners, sparrows can bee seen on a regular basis entering malls or other facilities as sparrows will sit and wait for the door to be opened for them so they can gain entry to the building, some sparrows will enter and exit several times throughout the course of the day. Sparrows are a very social bird with many species loosely breeding in colonies. By unknowingly providing an indoor source of both food and water we offer these pest sparrows safe harbour from weather conditions and predators, why wouldn't sparrows want to come in?


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