Pest Squirrel Removal Services


Family/Order: Sciuridae/Rodentia
Scientific Name: Sciuridae

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Pest Squirrel Removal Services


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How do you get rid of Squirrels in the house, garage, attic, shed etc.?

Extermination & Control:

Implementing proper Squirrel control measures in and around your home and/or business can lower the risk of Squirrels invading your structure. Outdoor pet food and/or pet feeding stations should be kept clean and sanitized, Bird Feeding stations should be kept as far away from the structure as possible. Removing Squirrels in spring or early summer from attics and/or any other locations they are invading should be completed with caution as there is a possibility that baby Squirrels may also be present and if so all exclusion methods should be stopped until it is certain that all baby Squirrels have been located, removed and/or left the structure on their own. Once exclusion tactics have resumed it is possible to keep Squirrels out for good by securing all roof vents with wire vent covers and excluding all areas where shingles meet the soffit and/or areas Squirrels can reach the soffit. Chimney tops should also be secured with wire mesh caps to eliminate entry points.


Pest Squirrel Removal Services


The Eastern Gray Squirrel comes in at 9 to 12 inches in length with their tails coming in at 7 to 10 inches in length with adult squirrels weighing in at 13 to 22 oz’s. The Eastern Gray Squirrel can also be black in colour leading a lot of people to believe that they are two different species of squirrel, although the Eastern Gray Squirrel is dominantly coloured black, they are indeed the same species and can also been seen sometimes with multi coloured patterns such as black body with gray tail or grey body with black tail. The grey squirrels most noticeable feature is its busy tail which serves multiple functions i.e. distract any predators attempting to capture the squirrel, helps with balance when leaping from high places, as a blanket during cold weather, signaling other Gray Squirrels that danger is near or relay the squirrels mood.


The Eastern Gray Squirrel has the capability of breeding twice a year depending on the age and experience of the female squirrel with food availability will determine if a second litter is produced. Usually 1 to 4 young will be born per litter, with as many as 9 being possible in rare instances with a gestation period of 40 to 45 days. Young Squirrels will start to venture away from the nest around 11 to 12 weeks.


The Red Squirrel comes in at 6 to 10 inches in length with their tails coming in at 5 ½ to 7 ½ inches in length with adult Red Squirrels weighing 8 to 13 oz’s with both male and female squirrels being the same size, using their tails to help keep their balance when jumping from tree to tree, distracting predators, displaying mood and help keeping them warm during the winter months. Depending on location and time of year will determine the variation of colour and shade of their coats with different shades of red being most common.


Breeding will usually occur in February or March or in summer between June and July or both because female Red Squirrels can produce 2 litters a year. With most litters producing 1 to 3 young (kits) and their gestation period ranging from37 to 40 days. Once Born the female will provide care as the kits are born blind, deaf and helpless, weighing in at only 9 to 14 grams, with their ears and eyes opening around 3 ½ to 4 ½ weeks. Their naked bodies will be covered in hair around the 19 to 22-day mark and will not develop all their teeth until day 45. Their average life expectancy is 3 years if they survive their first winter with some individuals reaching as much as 7 years of age.

Pest Squirrel Removal Services
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