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Wolf Spider

Family/Order: Lycosoidea/Araneae
Scientific Name: Lycosidae

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Pest Spider Extermination Services by ICU Pest Control Services

Cellar Spider

Family/Order: Pholcidae/Araneae
Scientific Name: Pholcidae

There are many different types of spiders that can be found in and around your home or business. Spiders are also one of the pests that cause the most panic and hysteria. Though they can cause little damage to your home, people fear them for being scary more than most other pests. Unfortunately some types of spiders can cause allergic reactions and other health risks to humans and animals. Spider populations can quickly get out of control and when populations boom it can be difficult to live life normally. While there are all-natural deterrents, it takes much more to learn how to get rid of spiders in an effective and environmentally friendly manner. ICU Pest Control Services can help with spider control without affecting your home or your health.
90 Pest Spider Extermination Services Warranty


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How do you get rid of Spiders in the house, garage, attic, shed etc.?

Extermination & Control:

There are many different species of spiders that can be found in and around your home and/or businesses. Spiders are also one of those pests that cause the most panic and hysteria. Though they can cause little damage to your home, people fear them more than most other pests. Control efforts for most spiders should begin on the exterior of the structure by removing habitat close to the structure which spiders might favor i.e. wood piles, brush piles, landscaping changes, groundcover and/or grass against the structures foundation and/or any other clutter spiders can utilize.

Personal items stored in areas where spiders have caused an infestation should be cleaned and removed from the area before use. Keeping lights turned off at night will reduce the number of flying insects around the structure and in turn reduce food supplies for spiders and lower the appeal for spiders to be present. Exterior, lower and upper foundation chemical treatments can be applied to the structure to prevent spiders from gaining entry, this method of spider control and/or spider extermination is amazingly effective.


Pest Spider Extermination Services


Physically, spiders in relation to all arachnids differ in terms of body sections to other arthropods, which spiders are attached in 2 segments (tagmata) known as prosoma and abdomen which are merged by a small, tube-shaped pedicel. Spiders compared to insects do not possess an antenna but do have a nervous system which is the highly centralized in comparison to all other arthropods. Spiders also do not possess extensor muscles in their extremities and utilize a type of hydraulic pressure to move and/or extend their limbs. Appendages located in their abdomens which have been altered into spinners giving spiders their ability to release silk from 6 different types of glands enables spiders to spin their famous spider webs which will vary in shape and size depending on species, which they utilize as one of their tactics to capture prey.


Depending on species biology will vary, as an example the female wolf spider can lay up to 2500 eggs inside silk egg sacks of one or more sacks which will sustain humidity levels staying extremely constant. Hatching as exceedingly small spiders having gone through their larval stages while still inside the egg, they emerge the similar shape as adults. Some species of spiders will protect and care for their young, the Wolf Spiders young will latch onto tough bristles located on her back, while some species of spiders will even respond to begging behavior from their brood and give them some of their prey as long as the prey is dead and has stopped resisting. With the life expectancy of most spiders being 1 to 2 years in the wild.

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