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Family/Order: Columbiformes/Columbiformes
Scientific Name: Columbia Livia Domestica

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How do I get rid of pigeons on my balcony?


Extermination & Control:

Some of the influential factors which will effect the outcome of any Pigeon management program will be greater than the majority of any other pest management programs, all factors involved will be considered and scrutinised before any Pigeon management program is begun. The first step in this procedure will be to conduct a bird management survey to answer the following questions.

  1. Identifying all species of Pigeons and/or pest birds involved and calculate a rough number of pest birds onsite.
  2. What are the potential problems and/or problems being caused by Pigeons and/or other pest birds.
  3. Determine if the pigeons and/or pest birds are transients or residents to the structure.
  4. Determine if any protected birds are onsite and will they be affected by any pigeon and/or bird management program.
  5. What can be done to modify the immediate environment to make the area less attractive to pigeons and/or pest birds.
This bird management survey will also help determine some of the daily routine movements and activities involving the pest birds i.e. roosting locations, watering areas, nesting sites and feeding trends and/or if people are feeding these pest birds onsite along with the time of day or night all these activities are taking place. When conducting a proper bird management survey all periods of the day should be surveyed i.e. first thing in the morning just before and after the sun comes up (dawn), half way through the day and just before and after the sun is going down(dusk). In most situations Pigeons and/or pest birds will use multiple locations during the day as they may have a different location to roost, nest, loaf, feed etc. which may give them a range of multiple city blocks. Identifying all locations involved and which location is used for what can prove difficult. Implementing a winning bird management program will work best in conjunction with the ability to understand pigeons and/or pest birds and their relationship with their environment i.e. how the use structures, how they use natural cover and the availability of water and food. Depending what pigeons and/or pest birds are using the problem site for and/or if there is water or food which is attracting them to the site then the elimination, removal or reduction of these issues will be the first step in your bird management program.


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Pigeons can come in a variety of colours but typically have gray bodies with 2 distinct black bars located on their secondary wing feathers in conjunction with a black band located on their tails with red feet. Weighing in at 9 to 15 oz’s with and average length of 10 to 12 inches.


Pigeons only have one mate at a time making them (monogamous). Male pigeons will care for and guard both the female and the nest, usually 9 to 13 days after mating the female will lay 1 to 3 eggs. Roughly 16 to 20 days later the eggs will hatch will the young (squads) being fed pigeon milk which the female secretes, 4 to 6 weeks later the young are ready to take flight and leave the nest. Pigeons can breed all year round with spring and fall being their most productive time of year.

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