Pest Paper Umbrella Wasp Removal Services

Paper Wasp, Umbrella Wasp

Family/Order: Vespidae/Hymenoptera
Scientific Name: Polistes spp

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Pest Paper Umbrella Wasp Removal Services


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How do you get rid of Paper Wasps in the house, garage, attic, shed etc.?

Extermination & Control:

Paper Wasps choose several building sites for their nests in and around your home ICU Pest Control local Wasp exterminators implement a variety of Wasp extermination tactics, the Paper Wasp nest as seen above is attached to some tree branches in the front yard, this nest can be exterminated with direct spray with aerosol and/or foam straight on the wasps and/or nest. In some situations, soffits may need to be removed and/or entry into the attic is necessary to gain access to the wasp nest for extermination and/or removal.


Pest Paper Umbrella Wasp Removal Services


3/4 to a little over an inch long these wasps have a slim, slender-waisted body with Smokey black wings which fold up lengthwise when resting. Umbrella wasps are usually dark in colour with yellow patterns on the thorax, head and bands on their abdomens. Their nests, as seen above are open nests with visible cells and no cover over the nest like other wasps.


Paper Wasps live in small colonies and are semi-social insects with no worker social order. Hiding in protected and secluded areas the fertilized queen and/or queens will overwinter waiting to start a new colony in the spring and early summer. Each cell as seen above will be filled with an egg and food for the larvae. Other inseminated queens will help in routine maintenance within the colony.

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