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Family/Order: Apidae/Hymenopterans
Scientific Name: Apis

How much does Honeybee extermination cost? Call or fill out the form for your FREE estimate. Are Honeybees living in the wall of your house? Looking for a Honeybee exterminator? ICU Pest Control includes a WARRANTY that extends the rest of the calendar year from date of extermination in areas treated only with all local residential Honeybee extermination services. We remove Honeybees guaranteed. ICU Pest Control is available 24/7 for rapid response and will be arriving in unmarked vehicles for your privacy, offering warrantied services for peace of mind, deploying certified and insured experts, implementing industry-leading products, deterrents and tactics. ICU Pest Control, reliable, affordable, family owned and operated, your #1 local Honeybee removal specialists, we’re here to help.

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How do you get rid of Honeybees in the house, garage, attic, shed etc.?

Extermination & Control:

Honeybee removal tactics are highly situational and can be extremely dangerous and messy. If Honeybees develop their nest in floor trusses or wall voids in your home, sizable quantities of honey and wax can build-up within the void. Providing the bees stay active, the worker bees will keep air flowing threw the hive by flapping their wings to keep temperatures below the waxes melting point. Once the bees are exterminated this important procedure stops and the wax could melt allowing the honey run out of the cells causing a sticky mess inside the void, which intern the honey can be absorbed by drywall and other building materials and cause a permanent stain to occur. Another big problem is all that honey can attract other bees, ants, flies, beetles and other insects looking to forage all that sweet honey until it is all removed from the location. Removing the honey from the location could mean removing walls, siding, floors etc. to gain access to the sticky mess.


Pest HoneyBee Removal Services


Honeybees can be a variety of different shades of yellow, orange, black or brown, with a portion of the abdomen, legs, antennae and head being dark. Honeybees are covered with tiny light-coloured hairs, with the top of the thorax being thickest.


Honeybees are a social species having 3 adult classes, drones (male), workers (Sterile females) and the single queen which is the only queen who lays eggs within the colony. Colonies may consist of as many as 15,000 to 60,000 bees. Honeybees have highly developed social behavior skills, in conjunction with feeding larvae, worker bees will stockpile a backup supply of honey, which can be used to feed all family members within the colony during rough times when conditions are not favorable. Unless the hive has been constructed in a dangerous area the colony can and will survive the winter, so honeybees are not restricted to yearly colony re-establishment as other species of bees are.

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