Pest German Cockroach Removal Services

German Cockroach

Family/Order: Blattellidae/Blattodea
Scientific Name: Blattella germanica

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How do you get rid of Cockroaches in the house, garage, attic, shed etc.?

Extermination & Control:

Normally in residential settings Cockroaches are brought into a structure via cardboard boxes, grocery bags, furniture etc. Visual inspections completed by ICU Pest Control local cockroach exterminators, combined with sticky traps which are used as a monitoring tool will help indicate infestation areas, your kitchen is usually the best place to start. Good Cockroach extermination programs always begin with proper sanitation to eliminate water, food and shelter these roaches need to survive. Sanitation in your home or office should be conducted in areas around and under your sink, under and behind the stove including the gable between the stove and cabinets which can be a buffet of treats for cockroaches, coffee machines, toasters, microwaves, garbage cans, refrigerators, exhaust fans and screens and anywhere else food particles are present, or food is stored.

Removing lower kick plates on cabinets then vacuuming and sanitizing the void is also key for treatment and any other dark damp locations in your kitchen and bathrooms. Baits, liquid insecticides and dust will all be utilized by ICU Pest Control local exterminators in the extermination process, where feasible, as environmental conditions will impact extermination countermeasures in areas where moisture is present. Exclusion tactics can be implemented in key areas, caulking cracks around plumbing pipes entering/exiting the wall, where sinks and fixtures contact the wall, baseboards, around cabinets and electrical fixtures to help restrict cockroach movements.


Pest German Cockroach Removal Services
A. Yes cockroaches can transmit disease like salmonella (food poisoning) and cockroaches are one of the #1 contributors to asthma irritation in our children due to cockroach allergens. Which is a good reason for cockroach extermination and cockroach control programs.
A. Cockroaches will pretty much eat anything as they are omnivorous scavengers but do prefer starches, meats and sweets. Cockroaches are attracted to food particles, water and easy access to hiding places (dark, damp areas)
A. Cockroaches can hitch a ride on most anything into your home so finding roaches does not mean you are unsanitary, even if you keep a immaculate home and clean regularly they can usually still locate food, water and shelter pretty easily. Sanitation is but only one piece of the cockroach control puzzle.
A. The best way to kill cockroaches is to consult your local pest cockroach extermination specialists for advice for proper cockroach extermination techniques. You can call your #1 local cockroach exterminators at ICU Pest Control anytime for advice.


These roaches are 1/2 to 7/8-inches in length when adults, light brown in colour with completely formed wings with two dark bars which run parallel on the section behind the head. With the males being slightly narrower than the females. With nymphs being 1/16 to 1/8 in length when emerging from the egg, while consistently dark with a lighter tan coloured area on their backs.


Throughout the lifespan of the female cockroach she will produce 3 to 9 egg capsules which encompass 25 to 50 eggs. She will carry the eggs partially inside her abdomen until 1 or 2 days before the nymphs are ready to emerge then releases the capsule in a secluded area, releasing the capsule to early can kill the nymphs as they rely on the female for hydration. Molting 5 or 6 times before the adult stage is achieved. Requiring roughly 100 days for the process with a life expectancy around 100 to 200 days.

5 reasons the German cockroach is such a pest

One of the most common house infesting pest cockroach species in Canada for pest control services is the German cockroach, also being one of the most difficult pest cockroach species for pest control services to manage. So why is the German cockroach such a pest? Compared to some other structure infesting pests the German cockroach has a larger number of eggs per capsule and combined with the shortest development period in reaching sexual maturity, German cockroach populations will increase faster than those of other species.

In addition, these two influences combine to create what is called a high reproductive potential, in entomologists’ terms, which causes German cockroach infestations much faster. Through out the entire time the embryos are developing inside the egg capsule the female German cockroach carries the capsule, which in turn helps the roach eggs avoid dangers and other hazards that could damage the egg if it was isolated or detached before the hatch. With the residual effect being more nymphs (baby cockroach) survive the hatch, thus giving us a greater reproductive potential.

German cockroach nymphs are also known for staying close together and close to the female after they hatch causing a greater population density. German cockroach nymphs also respond to aggregation pheromone in correlation with there frass, which can also affect individuals in the colony with elevated aggregation or clumping occurring. So, if we take into consideration all 5 of these factors in conjunction with the German cockroach’s ability to adapt to environmental and food source changes, gives the German cockroach a very high survival rate which causes faster German cockroach infestations.

When dealing with any cockroach infestation it is always recommended to contact your local pest control services for professional cockroach removal and cockroach control recommendations. Your local pest control company will come up with a proper cockroach extermination plan including all prep work that must be done prior to any roach killer program.

German Cockroach Extermination Preparation Checklist For All Areas Being Treated

Disclaimer all occupants must leave location during service and remain out for a period of 6 hours after service has been complete. all occupants with health conditions should consult their family physician or other health care provider prior to service date.


Remove all electrical outlet cover plates.


Remove all lower cabinet kickplates if possible (tiny holes can be drilled if necessary).


Remove all items from cabinets and drawers (dishes, cutlery, pots, food etc.) and seal and secure in separate area.


Remove items on counter tops, upper cabinets, fridge and any other clutter in the areas of treatment.


All furniture being treated should be vacuumed and room made around items so they can be flipped over upside down so thorough treatment can be performed.


All pets must be removed from location.


Fish tanks must be covered and all pumps shutoff.


Treatment areas must be vacuumed and sanitized 48hrs prior to service as to allow drying period, no heavy amounts of water should be used while sanitizing to prevent moisture in cracks crevices, use wipes or lightly dampened cloth only. i.e. move the stove and clean under and behind and the fridge.


All movable items must be 2 feet minimum from walls in areas being serviced, allowing access to baseboards and other tight areas.


All open food removed from treatment areas and sealed in another area.

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