Beneficial Species

Due to the fact that the destruction of certain beneficial species is lurking on the horizon, ICU Pest Control offers specialized wildlife control services in Toronto. We specialize in effective wildlife removal and other safe, wildlife control techniques. It is important to us to keep beneficial species thriving in Toronto. 

What Are Beneficial Species?

Honey Bees are beneficial insectBeneficial Insects - Honey Bee

Some of these pests, like the honey bee for example are very important to us, the planet and your local ecosystem, if we were to lose them it could have a devastating effect on our agricultural production of both food and feed. Not just honey bees but all species of bees and wasps are beneficial, some species pollinate certain plants and flowers that other species do not have the same selective pollen tastes. There are other beneficial insects like the Lady Bug that feed on invasive plant eating insects such as Aphids.

beneficial insects lady bugsBeneficial Species - Lady Bugs

Bats are another beneficial species that can be very important to your local ecosystem, eating insects and Mosquitoes in large numbers and providing a great form of natural pest control. Bats can pose serious health risks and transmit disease to humans so consult a trained bat control specialist before attempting and bat removal, bat exclusion or bat relocation programs. ICU Pest Control also offers a wide range of custom bat boxes to help relocate or attract a colony to a safe location where both human and bat can live without contact.

Bat Boxes

bats pest control services Ontario Bat Boxes

Bat boxes are a crucial part of any natural pest control program, when integrating beneficial species into the pest control program. Whether you are trying to relocate a bat colony or attract a bat colony to and/or from the area ICU Pest Control can customize a plan to fit your pest control needs and location. ICU Pest Control specializes in pest control programs which uses beneficial species as the foundation for the pest control programs, cutting down on pesticide use and the decline of beneficial species in the area, in turn reducing the impact on the local ecosystem and environment.

Beneficial Plant Species

Residential Beneficial Plant Pest Control Techniques

Beneficial plant species for natural pest control are only a small part of any natural pest control program as these plants will not eliminate any problems, but rather be one piece of the pest control puzzle.

  • Artemisia strong antiseptic helps repel insects and small animals not recommended for vegetable gardens because it releases botanical poison.
  • Basil good for flies, mosquitoes and thrips and fine for your veggie garden.
  • Bee Balm this will bring bees to your garden that helps with pollination and good to have around your tomato plants.
  • Borage this one is all around good for plants and soil repelling hornworms and cabbageworms and attracting bees and wasps to your garden and adding trace elements to the soil.
  • Catnip this plant is good for a wide range of insects like ants, weevils, aphids, squash bugs and it works great with ants as well.
  • Chives helping with Japanese beetles and carrot rust flies.
  • Dahlias repelling nematodes
  • Dill attracting predatory wasps and hover flies as bio-pest control as well as hornworms. Dill should be planted away from tomato plants to help keep hornworms away from them. Almost like baiting them away.
  • Garlic repelling aphids, Japanese beetle, root maggots, carrot root fly and snails.
  • Hyssop attracting honey bees
  • Lavender repels fleas and moths.
  • Nasturtiums repel whiteflies, cucumber beetles and the yellow flowers act as traps for aphids.
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