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Carpenter Bee

Family/Order: Anthophoridae/Hymenoptera
Scientific Name: Xylocopa spp.

How much does Carpenter Bee extermination cost? Call or fill out the form for your FREE estimate. Are Carpenter Bees drilling perfect holes in your shed? Looking for a Carpenter Bee exterminator? ICU Pest Control includes a WARRANTY that extends the rest of the calendar year from date of extermination in areas treated only with all local residential Carpenter Bee extermination services. We wipe Carpenter Bees out guaranteed. ICU Pest Control is available 24/7 for rapid response and will be arriving in unmarked vehicles for your privacy, offering warrantied services for peace of mind, deploying certified and insured experts, implementing industry-leading products, deterrents and tactics. ICU Pest Control, reliable, affordable, family owned and operated, your #1 local Carpenter Bee extermination specialists, we’re here to help.

Warranties for Carpenter Bee Removal Services


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How do you get rid of Carpenter Bees around our log home? How can you stop Carpenter Bees from drilling holes in my shed?

Extermination & Control:

Infested lumber affected by Carpenter Bees can be removed and/or replaced with treated lumber. New coats of varnishing, paint and stain can help stop them from boring. ICU Pest Control Carpenter bee exterminators will apply an Inorganic dust, injected directly into their holes. Aerosols and liquids can be sprayed directly into their holes as well.


Carpenter Bee Removal Services


Carpenter Bees are larger than most bees being ¾ inch to 1 ¼ inch long, very much resembling bumble bees in appearance, Bumble Bees having a hairy abdomen and Carpenter Bees having a shiny black abdomen. Lacking stingers to sting but being very aggressive the male Carpenter Bees can be recognized by the yellow spot on their heads. Beware of the female Carpenter Bee as she does have a stinger and will sting if provoked or threatened.


Carpenter Bees will use their nests to overwinter and then in spring emerging to mate. Female Carpenter Bess will start getting their nests ready by cleaning or making existing nests bigger or just drill a new one all together. Where the tunnel dead ends, she will lay an egg on top of a pollen mixture then forms a wall from chewed pulp to produce a brood cell for the egg. She will build 5 to 10 of these cells in each of her tunnels. Carpenter Bee larvae will grow on the pollen mixture she has provided, then emerge themselves as adults 35 to 45 days later and she will only produce one generation per year.

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