Pest Carpenter Ant Removal Services

Carpenter Ant

Family/Order: Formicidae/Hymenoptera
Scientific Name: Camponotus Pennsylvanicus

How much does Carpenter Ant extermination cost? Call or fill out the form for your FREE estimate. Are Carpenter Ants all over your kitchen? Looking for a Carpenter Ant exterminator? ICU Pest Control includes a 90-day WARRANTY with all local residential Carpenter Ant extermination services. We wipe Carpenter ants out guaranteed. ICU Pest Control is available 24/7 for rapid response and will be arriving in unmarked vehicles for your privacy, offering warrantied services for peace of mind, deploying certified and insured experts, implementing industry-leading products, deterrents, baits and tactics. ICU Pest Control, reliable, affordable, family owned and operated, your #1 local Carpenter Ant extermination specialists, we’re here to help.

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How do you get rid of Carpenter Ants in the house, garage, attic, shed etc.?


Extermination & Control:

ICU Local Pest Control Carpenter Ant exterminators have a difficult job, as extermination involves an integrated Carpenter Ant control method involving mechanical modifications and/or habitat alterations tactics to prevent entry, eliminating overhanging tree branches, firewood, stumps and moisture elimination etc. Finding ground zero i.e., nest and satellite nests. Inspection of any areas where water leaks arise, especially the roof, window frames, soffits, around bathtubs, kitchen areas are hot spots for moisture. Full control and extermination are achieved when the nests are treated with dust or a chemical spray with residual. Aggressive treatment measures may be necessary and consist of drilling small holes in ceilings, walls, doors, window frames etc. which may be used as nesting areas. Applying Carpenter Ant extermination countermeasures directly into holes drilled into infested wood like beams and other sensitive areas may also be necessary. Carpenter Ant Problems that derive outdoors can be reduced or eliminated by lower foundation sprays which will put up a residual barrier around the structure, in conjunction with an exterior baiting program.


Pest Carpenter Ant Removal Services


The Carpenter Ant species are amongst the biggest ants found in Canada, varying from 1/8-to1/2 inch in length, while the queens are marginally larger. The workers of a formed colony differ in size. Carpenter Ants are generally black, though some species are black and red, brownish in colour or solid red in colour. They have a circle of minuscule hairs on the point of the abdomen and one node in the petiole, while their thorax is equally rounded when viewed from the side.


Winged adult queens or females lose their wings not long after mating with the tinier male, then choosing an isolated nesting site where the queen cares for the first brood of workers. This first group of workers is very small but are tasked with the care of the queen and the larvae after they mature. Workers are all wingless. Carpenter Ants life cycle is usually right around 60 days from egg to adult depending on temperatures.

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