Pest Canada Goose Removal Services

Canada Goose

Family/Order: Anatidae/Anseriformes
Scientific Name: Branta canadensis

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How do I get rid of Canadian Geese?

Extermination & Control:

Dissimilar to all other urban pest bird problems, the Canada goose can present problematic conditions for IPGMP’s (integrated pest goose management programs). Few IPGMP’s are equal in solutions, most involve cautious situation assessment and customized tactics. For the bulk of the goose problems, a combination of different tactics in conjunction with educational awareness programs for staff and the public will obtain the best IPGMP results. Because the Canada goose is protected under the migratory bird act, you must obtain danger scare permits before any goose control programs begin. There are a variety of tactics that can be implemented which consist of physical barriers, chemical repellents, lasers, visual deterrents, dogs and a variety of other non-lethal tactics.

With permits in place you may also scare with aircraft, pyrotechnics, firearms and coral them up during the molt and relocate the geese off property, destroy nests, eggs, euthanizing birds if necessary. Other visual deterrents include plastic flags, scarecrows, Mylar balloons, coyote replicas etc. Most visual deterrents are only affective against new geese arriving on your location as your resident geese will be aware of the trickery fast, especially if the deterrents are not moved around on a regular basis. With all our countermeasures, the first goal of ICU Pest Control is to provide our customers with a list of pest Goose control options that will be humane and take into consideration the well being of the animal, bird, wildlife or creature in question. Another thing to take into consideration is that not all pests are actually pests, in fact some of these so called pest play a beneficial role in the local ecosystem as well as production of food on a global scale, and may only be a pest in the particular area of question and by simply applying some pest control exclusion, pest removal and pest relocation tactics combined with some insight of the behaviour of the invading pest, come up with a solution that is safe for both Human and invading pest or pests.


Pest Canada Goose Removal Services


The Canada Goose has a black head and long black neck with a white chinstrap which makes the Canada Goose stand out from all the rest of the goose species. Ranging in size from 25 to 50 inches in length and a wingspan of 48 to 76 inches, their wing cord can vary from 12 to 24 inches with the tarsus ranging from 3 to 5 inches and their bills coming in anywhere from 1 ½ to 2 ½ inches in length. The male Canada goose is usually slightly larger than the female but the look identical to one another.


Most Canada geese will start looking for partners between the ages of 2 and 3, once they have selected a partner they will usually stay together for life unless one of the pair dies. Depending on location in conjunction with environmental conditions nesting usually take place from late march right into early may. Once the female goose has laid her eggs, she will sit on them and incubate them for 26 to 30 days before the eggs start to hatch. 4 to 5 eggs will usually be laid in the clutch.

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