Little Brown Bat

Family/Order: Vespertilionidae/Chiroptera
Scientific Name: Myotis Lucifugus

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Having a glossy brown fur coat with and relatively small body size gives this little fellow its name little Brown Bat. Except for its name it is not related to the Big Brown Bat which is a member of a separate genus.


Usually female Little Brown Bats will produce 1 offspring (pup) per year, once being born pups can reach adult size in as little as 3 to 5 weeks with an average lifespan as long as 7 years with some bats in the wild reaching as old as 30 years of age. Little Brown Bats are nocturnal and hunt their food during the night and spend the daylight hours roosting. Humans regularly clash with Little Brown Bats due some of the locations they choose to roost become problematic for homeowners.

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Big Brown Bat

Family/Order: Vespertilionidae/Chiroptera
Scientific Name: Eptesicus Fuscus

Being nocturnal, bats use echolocation to hunt their prey at night. Bats emit their calls into the environment and listen as the echo travels off of the objects around them. Echolocation helps bats pinpoint their prey in the dark. Bats are actually the only mammals capable of self-sustained flight. Since bats are only active at night, professional bat removal is necessary when bats have begun to live in a home or business. Bats are dangerous to humans as they are hosts to parasites, bugs, and rabies. Their guano can also cause lung infections as it builds up. Rabies can be fatal to humans and animals.
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How do you get rid of Bats in the house, garage, attic, shed etc.?


Extermination & Control:

Proper Bat exclusion programs should be executed once a full inspection has been conducted to determine.

  • Location of all entry and exit points used by Bats.
  • Structural issues with the building Bats could use as harbourage once exclusion work has been performed.
  • Locate any areas Bats use to roost inside the building.
  • Estimate the number and species of Bats onsite.

The most affective way to inspect for this information is to perform two inspections with the first being conducted at dusk when the Bats start to become active and start exiting the building which will help in the location of all their exit and entry points, and the second inspection being conducted throughout the daylight hours to locate all interior roosting areas if possible.


Any Hole measuring 3/8 of an inch and larger can be used by Bats as both entry and exit points. In some cases these access points can be located will Bat pre-emergence noise, guano on the ground underneath access points, black or dark coloured smear marks left behind by Bats at the access point and by the odour of the guano which smells like ammonia. During inspections conducted at dusk it is important not to shine bright lights at and/or around suspected bat entry points or any areas you might hear Bat noises coming from as this may startle the Bat and/or Bats which could slow or stop their exit from the structure altogether. When inspecting for interior roosting sites during daylight hours start by looking down for piles of guano that has built up from roosting Bats in the area. Bats can also be found roosting in exterior areas of the building i.e. soffits, fascia boards, shutters, gutters and siding. Bat-proofing will be the most humane and logical method of excluding bats from a structure, The best time to perform bat exclusion tactics will be in late fall after you have confirmed they have exited the structure to hibernate for the winter or in early spring before the bats have returned for the summer, exclusion can be performed during summer months as well providing you have given baby Bats (pups) the time they need to develop and are capable of leaving the structure on their own and not become trapped and die within the building. One-way doors can be utilized to allow all Bats to exit but not renter the structure.


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Big Brown Bats have a wingspan of 10 to 13 inches and an overall length of 100 to 140 mm with the female bats being a little larger than the male bats, they both have very sharp with powerful biting power which allows Big Brown Bats the ability to consume larger insects with harder shells like beetles.


Breeding takes place in the fall just before their hibernation cycle begins, after their annual hibernation end during the spring mature female Big Brown Bats will give birth to usually one offspring (pup) per litter while twins are born frequently they have an average lifespan of 6 to 7 years.

Beneficial Species

Bat House in Ontario

Double Bat Box With Baffles

Introducing bat boxes (bat houses) to attract bats to your property is a crucial part of any green insect control solution. Just one little brown bat can potentially consume over 1000 insects an hour, now consider what effect a small colony of bats would have. There is no guarantee with attracting bats to your property as there is some things to consider to be successful as the bats do have some needs and desires. Temperatures inside the box are key, as these warm-blooded mammals prefer a range between 80 to 100 degrees when active. Locating full sun locations for the box are a must for success, usually southern facing locations will receive the most sun. Bat boxes that receive full daily sun should be painted lighter colours (grey, brown) and boxes that receive only partial daily sun should be coloured darker colours (black). The most successful bat boxes are double boxes either back to back or side by side with one side dark and one side light, giving the bats the option to move around within the box to satisfy their daily needs.
Another key factor for success is having your bat box within a quarter mile of a fresh water source (stream, pond, lake, etc.). Predators are also a threat to your box, sides of building with a smooth finish that predators cannot climb, with a height of 20 feet or more will be attractive to bats. Poles are a good option as well with the same height restrictions and the use of a baffle. When designing your bat house remember bigger is better, as it gives the bats and females more space when having young (pups), it will also offer temperature variations within the box. Chambers within the box should not be smaller than 16 inches wide and 32 inches high in conjunction with a big landing pad at the box entrance with a rough surface for the bats to latch onto. Use clean untreated lumber and/or building materials free of chemicals or foreign smells. One final tip, if you have bats in the area or in a location on your property you wish to relocate to your new box, wearing proper PPE (personal protective equipment) you can gather some of the bat guano and rub a littlie in the box and on the landing pad to introduce a familiar smell to the box.
Bat House - Pest Control

Single Bat Box High On A Building

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