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Family/Order: Vespidae/Hymenoptera
Scientific Name: Dolichovespula maculata

How much does Bald-Faced Hornet extermination cost? Call or fill out the form for your FREE estimate. Do you have a Bald-Faced Hornet nest that needs to be removed? Looking for a Bald-Faced Hornet exterminator? ICU Pest Control includes a WARRANTY that extends the rest of the calendar year from date of extermination in areas treated only, with all local residential Bald-Faced Hornet extermination services. We wipe Bald-Faced Hornets out guaranteed. ICU Pest Control is available 24/7 for rapid response and will be arriving in unmarked vehicles for your privacy, offering warrantied services for peace of mind, deploying certified and insured experts, implementing industry-leading products, deterrents and tactics. ICU Pest Control, reliable, affordable, family owned and operated, your #1 local Bald-Faced Hornet extermination specialists, we’re here to help.

Bald Faced Hornet Removal Services


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How do you get rid of a Bald-Faced Hornets nest in the soffits of your house?

Extermination & Control:

Bald-Faced Hornets can use several locations to build their nests in and around your home, ICU Pest Control local Bald-Faced Hornet exterminators will use a variety of extermination tactics depending on nest location, the enclosed paper nest as seen above which Bald-Faced Hornets can attach to anything you can imagine, Will be exterminated with direct aerosol spray or foam straight into the visible hole in the bottom of the nest. Nests that are concealed in areas where hornets are using expansion joints, or some other crack and/or hole to gain entry into walls or other voids will usually be exterminated using inorganic desiccating dusts injected directly into the entry point, this could take up to 7 days for extermination to occur. In some situations, soffits etc. may need to be removed and/or entry into the attic is needed to access the Bald-Faced Hornet nest directly.


How Much Does Bald Faced Hornet Extermination Cost?
Founded by an overwintered single inseminated queen, she cultivates the first group of workers by herself until they are operational. The founding stage usually lasting 22-25 days. Once the Queen has laid her eggs it will usually take around 6 days before they hatch, then growing as larvae for 7-8 days and continuing to mature for an additional 8-12 days before emerging as an adult.
Throughout the ergonomic stage, cell building, and worker production are the most important concerns for the colony. Dedicating all her time to egg production, the Queen relies on her workers for all other essential responsibilities.


Bald-Faced Hornets are recognized by their white and black colouring, also their white or (bald-faced) head, where it gets it informal name. Bald-Faced Hornets have three white stripes on the back portion of their bodies and are noticeably bigger than other species of wasps. Worker and Queen Bald-Faced Hornets have comparable morphologies. Nevertheless, Queens remain hairless while workers are covered in small hairs. Queens will most certainly always be bigger than the workers within the colony.


Bald-Faced Hornet life cycles can be separated into two stages, ergonomic stage and the reproductive stage. New Bald-Faced Hornet nests are usually constructed throughout spring and the early months of summer by a single queen. Temporal limitations will vary according to regional location in conjunction with weather conditions.

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