Commercial Pest Control, Commercial Wildlife Control, Industrial Pest Control & Industrial Wildlife Control Services.

IC Pest Control offers commercial pest control in Mississauga and the surrounding areas. Our commercial pest control, commercial wildlife control, industrial pest control and industrial wildlife control. We also make services convenient with 24/7 service to keep your company up and running. Our integrated pest management makes our pest control services safe and effective for use in many different commercial businesses.

Residential pest control

Commercial Bug screen doorsCommercial Pest Control

We offer a wide range of commercial pest control services for your business whether you are in the food production, warehouse, restaurant, hotel, retail or run a property management company, we can customize a commercial pest control, commercial wildlife control plan to fit your facilities needs and demands. The first step is a full onsite inspection by one of ICU's pest control and/or wildlife control specialists who will evaluate all your feedback and requests along with proper identification of all pests and/or wildlife invading your site then present a customized commercial pest control and/or commercial wildlife control program. Some components to our commercial pest control and/or commercial wildlife control programs will help reduce there reproduction ability by eliminating feeding and living conditions for wildlife and pests in conjunction with proper sanitation, house keeping, food storage and exterior structural exclusion practices and some mechanical pest control are all part of the commercial pest control puzzle. ICU's onsite commercial pest control specialist will make note of all weak spots that could result in entry points for pests and wildlife. 
Prevention is Better than a Cure

Commercial Control Countermeasures

  • Mechanical commercial pest control
  • Bait station pest control
  • Chemical pest control when necessary 
  • Yearly commercial pest control programs
  • Commercial preventative pest control tactics
  • Exclusion pest control techniques to eliminate entry points

Commercial Control Services

  • Cleaning & disinfecting of contaminated areas from invading pests & wildlife
  • Commercial humane wildlife removal services
  • Commercial humane wildlife relocation services 
  • Commercial wildlife exclusion services
  • Bird control, bird removal & bird nest removal services
  • Pigeon control, bird netting
  • Bird control spikes 
  • Commercial mouse control, rat control, pest control programs
  • Commercial goose control, management and consulting services
  • Insect extermination pest control services 
  • Wasp nest removal, wasp extermination services
  • Bee control, bee removal, bee relocation services
  • Carpenter ant control services


We at ICU Pest Control offer a 5 year guarantee on workmanship and 10years on materials.
All damage from acts of nature, vandalism or negligence are not covered under this warranty. 

Goose Control

Canadian GeeseCanada Goose

Canadian geese can be a bit of a pest, as we all know. There are many tactics available to help scare and intimidate these pests from taking up residence on your property. If you implement a proper (IPM) Integrated Pest Management program for the area, you can achieve results that will reduce damage and in some cases convince these pests to move on all together. In most cases using dogs in conjunction with some humane population management control techniques and some landscape changes you can make the area uncomfortable for these pests and prevent them from feeling safe in the area. YOU NEED TO TAKE AWAY THEIR SENSE OF SECURITY. Rates for this service may vary due to size of area and which methods of the IPM you would like to implement for this area. Prevention is better than a cure.

As with all our countermeasure, the first goal of ICU Pest Control is to provide our customers with a list of pest control options that will be humane and take into consideration the well being of the animal, bird, wildlife or creature in question. Another thing to take into consideration is that not all pests are actually pests, in fact some of these so called pest play a beneficial role in the local ecosystem as well as production of food on a global scale, and may only be a pest in the particular area of question and by simply applying some pest control exclusion, pest removal and pest relocation tactics combined with some insight of the behaviour of the invading pest, come up with a solution that is safe for both you and invading pest or pests. 

Commercial Bird Control Exclusion Techniques

bird Exclusion Netting control Pest Bird Exclusion Netting

ICU Pest Control also offers a wide variety of commercial bird deterrents, commercial bird control netting, commercial bird nest removal, commercial bird control spikes and many more. Commercial bird control netting is very effective as it provides complete bird exclusion not allowing pest birds to enter area. In some situations simply not allowing birds to sit over certain areas will stop damage or loss of product all together. Pest bird control spikes are also very effective in keeping pest birds off window ledges or roof edges which stops general defacing of building from there droppings. ICU Pest Control can customize a commercial bird control plan to fit your facilities needs.

pest-bird-exclusion-spikesPest Bird Exclusion Spikes
pest-bird-exclusion-screen doorsPest Bird Door Screen

Commercial Hydroponic Pest Control Services

We at ICU Pest Control offer pest control services for local indoor hydroponic farmers who might be looking for some organic pest control options and/or synthetic chemical pest control options. Some of our organic pest control options include, bio pest control, which if implemented correctly and with the right timing can be very affective. When considering bio pest control it is important to understand that this method of pest control relies on the introduction of beneficial species (predators) to the affected area and is only effective when the pest in question has been noticed early enough to allow beneficial species (predators) to reproduce faster than there prey (pest) allowing the predator to dominate, equally important is correct identification of pests so ICU's pest control specialists can choose the correct beneficial species (predator) to exterminate pest problem quickly.

Soil Garden Organic Pest Control Services

ICU Pest Control offers a wide range of organic soil configurations that allow microorganisms to thrive and sustain healthy strong plants helping the plants natural pest control defences. ICU Pest Control also offers a large variety of organic teas to offer organic pest control solutions for vegetable crops some of which customized by ICU's organic pest control specialists. 

Synthetic Chemical Pest Control, Commercial Pest Control Solutions

ICU Pest Control also offer the industries top chemical pest control, mechanical pest control and bait pest control services and programs. 

Stored Product Pest, Commercial Pest Control Services

Stored Product PestsCommercial Pest ControlWhen dealing with stored product pests it is important to implement a routine inspection of all new product being received, with staging area for all new incoming products to your facility in the case there are stored product pests present, contamination can be contained, and prevent unwanted pest infestation. The next piece of the pest control puzzle is proper pest control sanitization and house keeping program combined with routine inspections of all stored product on a regular basis to catch pest outbreaks before the invading pests become an infestation. ICU Pest Control offers a wide range of commercial pest control monitoring products as well as mechanical commercial pest control and commercial chemical pest control to combat invading pests. 

Commercial Pest Exclusion Electric Fencing

ICU Pest Control offer a wide range of commercial electric fences, whether to keep unwanted pests and wildlife out or a perimeter around your property to keep predators out. ICU Pest Control also designs fences for all your farming needs to help keep livestock where it should be, and pest coyotes out. Depending on livestock and location and making the decision whether your fence will be permanent, semi-permanent or temporary ICU Pest Control can design the right fence for your livestock and commercial pest control needs.

Commercial Pest Cleaning Services

ICU Pest Control offers commercial pest cleaning services to areas where invading pests have caused damage due to urine, droppings and nest construction. ICU can clean and disinfect and remove all foreign materials brought in by birds, pests or wildlife to insure there are no Heath risks remaining in the area. 

pest-control-cleaning-services-before Before Pest Cleaning Services
pest-control-cleaning-services-after After Pest Cleaning Services

Beneficial Species

Commercial Bat Boxes

Bat boxes are a crucial part of any natural pest control program, when integrating beneficial species into the pest control program. Whether you are trying to relocate a bat colony or attract a bat colony to and/or from the area ICU Pest Control can customize a plan to fit your pest control needs and location. ICU Pest Control specializes in pest control programs which uses beneficial species as the foundation for the pest control programs, cutting down on pesticide use and the decline of beneficial species in the area, in turn reducing the impact on the local ecosystem and environment.

beneficial species batsBat Boxes

Another benefit to the bat boxes is harvesting the guano for compost teas or just organic fertilizer for your plants and flowers thus using natures renewable resource and being Eco friendly. There are number of health implications when collecting guano and proper protective equipment should be worn to protect yourself when collecting guano. In most cases exclusion tactics start as july is coming to an end and all the pups are able to come an go from the colony as they please, but there are other aspects of the program that can get started in the spring if your intention is to keep these mammals on your property and grant them access to areas you consider acceptable wether it be a structure you have or custom made bat boxes supplied by ICU Pest Control.

Commercial Beneficial Plant Pest Control Techniques 

Beneficial plant species for natural pest control are only a small part of any natural pest control program as these plants will not eliminate any problems, but rather be one piece of the pest control puzzle. 

  • Artemisia strong antiseptic helps repel insects and small animals not recommended for vegetable gardens because it releases botanical poison. 
  • Basil good for flies, mosquitoes and thrips and fine for your veggie garden. 
  • Bee Balm this will bring bees to your garden that helps with pollination and good to have around your tomato plants. 
  • Borage this one is all around good for plants and soil repelling hornworms and cabbageworms and attracting bees and wasps to your garden and adding trace elements to the soil. 
  • Catnip this plant is good for a wide range of insects like ants, weevils, aphids, squash bugs and it works great with ants as well.
  • Chives helping with Japanese beetles and carrot rust flies.
  • Dahlias repelling nematodes
  • Dill attracting predatory wasps and hover flies as bio-pest control as well as hornworms. Dill should be planted away from tomato plants to help keep hornworms away from them. Almost like baiting them away.
  • Garlic repelling aphids, Japanese beetle, root maggots, carrot root fly and snails.
  • Hyssop attracting honey bees
  • Lavender repels fleas and moths.
  • Nasturtiums repel whiteflies, cucumber beetles and the yellow flowers act as traps for aphids.
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