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5 reasons the German cockroach is such a pest.

 One of the most common house infesting pest cockroach species in Canada for pest control services is the German cockroach, also being one of the most difficult pest cockroach species for pest control services to manage. So why is the German cockroach such a pest? Compared to some other structure infesting pests the German cockroach has a larger number of eggs per capsule and combined with the shortest development period in reaching sexual maturity, German cockroach populations will increase faster then those of other species. In addition these two influences combine to create what is called a high reproductive potential, in entomologists terms, which causes German cockroach infestations much faster.

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Squirrels invading your home and attic, we can help.

pest rodents squirrelThe most common squirrel breaking into your homes and businesses is the gray squirrel, (Sciurus carolinensis) which is also your black squirrel, although they look different they are the same squirrel. in southern Ontario these pest squirrels both gray and black squirrels are common. If you hear noises in the attic or you can hear scratching in the ceiling this could be one possible suspects to consider.

Pest Rodent control, mice and rats

pest rodents house mouseThe house mouse, Mus domesticus

Some of the most successful mammals on the planet, rodents make up over 40% of all mammals. This pest rodent species belongs to the Muridae Family, which has over 1300 species of pest rodents alone. Some of these species only being found and documented as recent as 2009. This family of pest rodents is classified as commensal mice and rats. which translates to "sharing ones table" as we can all agree these little pest rodents have been trying to share our food and homes for years. Pest rodents, both mice and rats can cause serious damage to your Home, Cottage or Bussiness. Have your pest rodent control plan in place all year round. Prevention is better than a cure.



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